About Us

About Us Sayar Grup signed the sector from concept to validation, Project design and applications with 25 years of experience at Clean Room Technologies.

Today standardization is the most effective part of Clean Room Technologies like every points of life.

Standards are the results based on logic, analyse and rigorous examination. They get the based on well dened needs and problems.

Experience is precisely proong the standards. Solutions and experiences lie at the basis of standard and economic mass production.

Sayar Grup, analysis the needs of the client and generate correct solutions, conrming GMP and FDA standards, with the experience of 25 years in high-tech Clean Room Technologies since 1990.

In order to create better production conditions, the rules created by upgrading technology of everyday are followed carefully and taken into consideration during the project. Sayar Grup serves in all architectural, mechanical, electrical and BMS project design.

Engineers whose are working as dependent on solid challenges, our architects are designing the volumes using volumes revealing lines, clear and create impressive plastic effects in a prescriptive program.

Sayar Grup is the leader company for all operations Project design, Project management, installations and turn-key constructions.

We have more than 30 references at Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry till 25 years. Further, Sayar Grup is responsible of Project and construction Works of other industries, logistics and warehouses, Ofce buildings and residences.

SAYAR GRUP offers to clients;
» Flexible
» Efcient
» Low Cost
» Simple to Expand